8th place based on coin market cap MEXC Exchange

Last year (2021) the domestic IPO market was “Ta-sang (the initial price is more than twice the public offering price).”There was a time when it was the biggest boom ever. For this reason, subscription for public offering shares that could earn profits without high risk was very hot. MEXC거래소 In the case of coin, a virtual asset, there is a system similar to public offering stocks that can be invested in advance before being listed. It’s called “Launchpad”. In addition, it is also called ‘Kick starter’ or ‘Lunch pool’, and it is carried out in a slightly different way.

The exchange directly examines coins that are not listed and provides a portion of the volume as subscription products similar to public offerings. It is also called “Exchange Disclosure (IEO), and since the exchange reviews the coins in advance, it is less risky than investing in “don’t ask” unlisted coins that are difficult to know in detail.

Usually, if you have coins on the futures exchange, you will be eligible to subscribe, and if you commit, you will receive a ticket through a favorable lottery in proportion to the amount you hold, and you will be able to purchase coins in advance according to the number of tickets. The target coin is listed on the exchange as soon as the subscription is over, and if you are lucky, the listing effect may increase from several times to several hundreds of times the application price. It’s a relatively low risk, but it’s also an opportunity to copy money.


In the case of domestic cryptocurrency exchanges, these various coin-related services are insufficient, and the number of currencies available for transaction is small and transaction fees are high. You can only bet in the direction of the increase in the sale method, and the short position (short selling) method is not possible to bet on the short position (short selling) method is not possible. So many coin investors use overseas futures exchanges.

In this regard, I would like to introduce the ‘Lunchpad’ that MEXC, a global cryptocurrency exchange, is in progress.

Introduction to the MEXC Exchange

8th place based on coin market cap

9th place based on Coin Geko

The MEXC Exchange is a major exchange ranked 8th and 9th out of thousands of derivatives exchanges in the world based on “Coin Market Cap” and “Coin Gekko.”

Event with more than 10 million users

It is known that more than 10 million people are currently using it in more than 200 countries.

No. 1 coin type among major exchanges

As it is a major exchange, it supports a variety of cryptocurrencies that have fewer concerns about hacking or eating and running, and have the largest number of coin types available to trade among top exchanges. It is not comparable to the number of coins on domestic exchanges, and it is also most advantageous in the case of “bundle trading” in which coins that are not listed in Korea are purchased in advance and profits are made when listed in Korea. For example, if a new listing notice of a coin appears after frequently checking the announcement of Upbit, it is possible to purchase the coin from MEXC and send it to Upbit to aim for a listing beam at the same time as the listing. Upbit listing is usually a positive factor for the coin itself, so you can sell it at MEXC.

Support not only futures trading but also ETFs

Like a major futures exchange, it can do the same “in-kind transactions” as domestic Upbit or Bithumb, and it also supports “gift transactions” that can do “short selling” using various leverage and ETF transactions that can be short-selling without risk of liquidation.

Events on the MEXC Exchange

It is also characterized by a variety of events that return benefits to users, including exclusive events for Korean subscribers. Even if you can’t participate because you don’t know about events that are paying 100USDT to new subscribers, and events that exempt all fees when you change to USDT/USDC when you deposit TRX or Ripple (XRP), there are no events.

The transaction fee is also very low. If you sign up referring to the posting below, you can trade with 0.018% of the designated price and 0.036% of the market price. Of course, it is cheaper than the cheapest commission on the domestic exchange.

If you sign up for the link, you will be subject to the “SVIP rating” at once, rather than raising the exchange rating according to the transaction volume or wallet holdings to receive a discount on fees. It is possible to trade at a lower fee than the exchange’s highest grade of 6. More information can be found in the posting above.

Next, let’s take a look at the ongoing lunch pad event at the MEXC Exchange.

MEXC Lunch Pad – Buy coins in advance before listing on KOSON (Age of Zalmoxis) and seek profits

MEXC 7th Lunch Pad Age of Zalmoxis (KOSON) Coin

The project I’m going to introduce this time is Age of Zalmoxis (KOSON), a blockchain-based MMORPG game. It is set in the fantasy world of Zalmoxis, who was the god of the ancient Danube downstream nation, as a metaverse game, the most notable field of recent times. All rewards in the game are NFTs and are metaverse in which ownership of assets is owned by individuals, not companies.

It is said that it is designed to supply a limited number of tokens and maintain the value of KOSON tokens through a continuous token incineration mechanism.

The total number of coins allocated to this MEXC Launchpad is 1,000,000 KOSON coins.

The price to purchase coins allocated for this subscription is 0.1 dollars for 1 KOSON. For example, if the price becomes $0.5 after listing, you can earn 500%. In the case of TAG Coin, which was a MEXCM-day airdrop coin just before, it has risen more than 10 times since its listing, so it is not that difficult.

How to participate

In order to receive tokens (application rights), you must first have USDT or MX (exchange own coin) coins on the MEXC exchange. Depending on the token acquired, you will be entitled to purchase KOSON for $0.1 each. The user’s USDT and MX coin holdings will be recorded as a snapshot for four days between 01:00 on September 24, 2022 and 00:59 on September 28, 2022, and the number of USDT and MX that can be committed will vary depending on the average daily balance in the ‘in-kind’ asset, and tokens will be distributed according to this commitment.

In order to commit (subscription), you need to “hold” MX coins or USDT coins in your cash wallet. The minimum daily average is about 14,000 won each with 10MX coins or 10USDT. Of course, the minimum amount of possession is related to qualifications, and the more coins you have to have in order to get more supplies initially, the better. The maximum commit limit is 100,000 MX and 1000 USDT, respectively. The reason for this upper limit of subscription is to distribute the benefits of the Launchpad evenly to more users.

The snapshot period is from 01:00 on September 24, 2022 to 00:59 on September 28, 2022.

The daily position calculation is calculated by dividing the sum of the minimum MX/USDT positions held for 4 days by 4. You can check it yourself.

Launchpad Menu at Finance Center

You can press ‘Finance Center’ at the top of the exchange’s homepage and then press ‘Launchpad’. If you have an MX coin in your ‘in-kind’ wallet, you can check it by pressing 4 if you have an USDT number 3.

In my case, I have USDT in my spot wallet. If you press No. 1 “My USDT Position Details,” you will get the amount of reserves taken in snapshots three times a day. You can participate in this launch pad if you exceed your average daily 10MX or 10USDT holdings for four days from September 24th to September 28 during the snapshot period.

How to check my average MX/USDT holdings

The registration period is from 06:00 on September 28, 2022 to 18:00 on September 28, 2022.

Registration is open to qualified users who have an average daily 10MX or 10USDT coins in their in-kind wallet during the snapshot period. If you want to commit additional MX or USDT while looking at the competition rate trend during the registration period, you can do it through the button that opens during that period.

At this time, if you commit, you will be in a “locked state” where you cannot transfer, withdraw, or trade the coin until 19:30 on September 28th, when the final token is paid.

The distribution period is 19:30 on September 28, 2022.

At this point, the final token quota is

Individual Committed (Subscribed) MX / Total number of MXs committed by all participants X 800,000 KOSON (if committed by MX)

Individual Committed (subscribed) USDT / Total number of USDT committed by all participants X 200,000 KOSON (if committed in USDT).

Of the 1 million KOSON coins being launched on the MEXC exchange this time, the proportion of MX commitment is 8:2, so the more you have MX coins, the more you will receive.

On the other hand, the token that is eventually assigned to the participant is purchased at 0.1 USDT, so the allocated token X 0.1 worth of MX/USDT is provided at a deducted amount.

On the other hand, if you want to participate in this lunch pad event, you must have done KYC first because you need to verify your identity.

The listing time of KOSON Coin is 21:00 on September 29, 2022. At this time, you can make a profit by selling immediately after listing or choosing to invest in the long term.