What if the blog doesn’t get more visitors? | Top exposure methods for Google and Naver | Essential for marketing and business operations

I’m going to go to Google and Naver on my website

Want to increase the ranking of search engines?

Don’t you keep posting, but don’t you get more profit?

If you want to know how high-income earners are making a profit, you’re welcome.

I fully sympathize with the desire to solve the problem that the number of visitors was small and profits were not raised. I reveal my high-yield method of running a blog for more than four years.

Imagine you’re not afraid of the next low quality when you post, and you’re getting a high return. Through this book, you will be able to escape the fear of low quality and experience the thrill of my writing being at the top of the search page (Google, Naver).

If blogs and websites are ranked at the top, your revenue will also increase as the inflow increases. You will be able to solve the above difficulties and take a step closer to high profits through this method. 구글 상위 노출 The Google and Naver website tabs are not low-quality unless you write illegal keywords such as adults and gambling, and provide fair opportunities for everyone.

In this book, we will teach you how to raise the ranking of Google and Naver.

Google’s search share is steadily increasing.

If you learn Google’s SEO method properly, there are endless directions to use it.

You can increase the amount of blogging and make a profit

You can also advertise your business as ‘0 won’ by exposing it to the top.

Do you think there won’t be many visitors because the Naver website tab is below when you search? Check out the graph below for monthly visitors.

It’s a blog with more than 280,000 people a month. Naver is showing more than 50% inflow. If you are exposed to the Web Site tab, you can see that you can attract that much visitors.

When I first started blogging, I didn’t know how to make money, so I wasted my time. If you simply write hard, your profits will go up someday. I had the same complacency.

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Every time I spent hours writing and looking at the revenue stream, it was devastating. As we thought, the revenue didn’t go up vertically.

What could be wrong?

I constantly analyzed and applied it and studied about Google SEO. Since then, I’ve realized my own way of doing things, and now my profits are steadily rising in this way.

It took me a long time to study and apply myself and get a high profit. If you know how I’ve gone through it myself, it will save you a lot of time to go to high-yield.

I’ll apply this method and disclose the revenue I’m currently getting. Once you put a website at the top, your profits will increase even when you’re sleeping.

We are making more than 10 million won a month with just the amount of ad-sense. The left is 30 days before the current date, and the right is this month’s earnings.

The picture above shows a capture of the ranking of the last three months of my current blog on Google Search Console. You can see that they’re all on page 1. Compare now to your search console performance.


Q. Is there a reason to study Google’s SEO?

A. In Korea, search engines often think of ‘Naver’. In the past, Naver was definitely dominant, but now Google’s market share is also on the rise. Although Google does not yet have as much market share as Naver, Naver is also following Google Logic. Therefore, if you study Google SEO, it will be a great strength for Naver exposure.

Q. How long does it take to raise the ranking?

A. The duration may vary depending on how much time you spend. On average, if you read this book and try for at least three to six months, you can raise your blog’s ranking.

Q. What is the Naver website tab?

A. The Naver Web site tab is shown in the picture below. When you search Naver for symptoms of high blood pressure, you can scroll down to see the website tab below.

If my page is exposed on the Naver website tab, the inflow of visitors will explode. In the past, there was a time when interest in disaster support keywords for the entire nation was high. What if my blog was at the top of NAVER? I was able to take more than 10 million won a day.

If you know how to do it, you’ll get the next chance.

Meet your high profits through the core blog content of about 85 pages.

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The time to envy other people’s revenue certification on SNS is over now.

Now brag about my high profits on social media.

If you want to achieve results in a short period of time, it’s better not to buy this book.

If you haven’t applied it and just say no, it’s better not to buy this book.

Many people say that they can get high returns in a short period of time. But that revenue is a non-steady return. If you have a book that tells you this, you will buy it and go through a time that is not maintained steadily and realize that it is wrong.

More than 10 million won and more than a year will be wasted. If you want to invest time and money, I recommend that method.

If you’ve read the book hard, but you haven’t applied it properly and say, “It doesn’t work,” you don’t have to read this book.

However, I think those who are reading this up to here are those who want to boost blog revenue and attract visitors.

Save time on trial and error with just one book.